2019 Trial

Hi All;

Planning is coming along for our 2019 USBCHA Fall Pn and Nursery trial.

The entry form is not yet available.

PN and Nursery will again run on all 3 days. This is a perfect opportunity to have your young dogs work 3 days in a row at a trial.

Handlers entering dogs in Pro-Novice or Nursery will again have the opportunity to run in an Open Non-Comp training class, but it will only be run on the 27th.  This is the perfect opportunity for handlers to take an Open dog they may be having issues with on the trial field and work on their training in a trial setting.  Handlers will have a set time as usual, but will be able to leave the post whenever they deem necessary to work on whatever training issues they may be having.  The judge will be observing and if it is decided the dog is out of control the judge will call the handler and dog off of the field and another dog will exhaust the sheep.

Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

Looking forward to seeing you all this fall.


Trial Success

Well, our first trial on the new property is done. What a terrific time. Even the cows seemed to enjoy it.

Big thanks to Pacific NW Insurance Solutions for their sponsorship.

Congratulations to our winners. The link to the results is posted on the handler’ s page.

I can’t say enough about how everyone was willing to help. What a great bunch of handlers we had this weekend. You guys made this weekend a lot of fun.

The sheep were healthy and very workable both in the pens and on the field. If the dog was correct the sheep were obedient. If the dog was wrong you knew it. They put up with three days of work and didn’t start getting cranky until Open at the end of the last day. Thanks Jack and Vila Thomason.

Thanks also to Charlie Torre, Rob Miller and Dianne Deal for judging.

I truely appreciated everyone’s help, but need to mention a few who were THERE for me. Rob and Mary Miller, Gene and Terri Zurcher, Norm (sheep whisperer) and Kathleen Rivers, Lavon Calzacorta and Charlie Torre, Karyl Hansen and as always Linda deJong. You guys made this trial for me. THANK YOU!!



Dry Conditions

Please keep in mind that it is still very dry here and we needed to prohibit any outdoor grills or cooking of any kind. Hate to do it, but we’ve had too many fires here to take a chance. Thanks for your understanding.

House Keeping

Just a bit of house keeping for the trial. I will also go over stuff at the handler’s meeting, but want this to you now. It will make more sense when you get here. There is no fence at this time between the camping/day parking fields and the neighbor’s field. The neighbors field is still quite full of nice juicy cow pies. Pat has been harrowing our fields, so the pies are spread out and dried, so I am going to allow everyone to run their dogs on the trial field for exercise, both early morning and after the trial. Please have your dogs off of the trial field by 7 in the morning, so we can let the sheep out of the exhaust. If the sheep are loose on the field at any time please to NOT run your dog on the trial field. If your dog does manage to get himself and his collar totally smeared in cow slime feel free to throw them in the river for a bath. 😊😊 For those of you new to trialing: dogs are not usually allowed on the trial field except while working. Please keep in mind that this is an exception to the rule.